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Maria Sørensen: Born 9th of June 1958. Graduated from Rosborg Amtsgymnasium 1978. Qualified as a teacher from Jelling Statsseminarum (today: CVU, Jelling) in 1983.

Between high-school (gymnasium) and college of education (seminarium) she spent a year as a nursery assistant at the kindergarten of the sisters of St. Mary (Mariasøstrenes Børnehave) in Vejle. A year which encouraged her to become a teacher and year which gave her a  considerable amount of enthusiasm about the institutions of the Roman Catholic Church, which later on played a certain role, when we were to choose kindergarten and school for Cecilie and Christoffer. 1983 Teacher at Hælderagerskolen in the Vejle-suburb Bredballe. Almost from the beginning Maria also taught in the centre-classes consisting of children with different kind of handicaps. This inspired her to change to Englystskolen in nearby Børkop, where she is teaching children with ADHD-syndrome.

After three years with a lot of tough challenges in that field, Maria so to speak returned to the very beginning of her life among children. Today - since the summer of 2004 - Maria is  a member of the staff of St. Norbert's School, a thing, which makes us both very happy. By that she returns to another good catholic institution of Vejle.


Flemming Meng Sørensen: Born on the 1st of July 1957. Graduated from Rosborg Amtsgymnasium 1976 together with the rest of the very first people ever graduating from that school (it was established in 1973). Two big personalities made a very deep impression on me: My headmaster Erling Kristensen (the former headmaster of Sorø Academy - click here to read more about that and the broad-minded teacher in music, Gustav Jahn.

Another important thing, which I took with me from my Rosborg-years was the engagement, that my Danish-teacher Niels Stengaard invested in his pupils (he was also Maria's teacher in religion) and his ability to socialize with them on equal terms. This has been a bearing compass to me in my own pedagogical career. M. A. in musicology from the University of Aarhus 1982, where I had a most inspiring teacher in singing, Morten Slæbo. He was the reason that I later on from time to time has managed to maintain a small but consistent career as a singer especially of classical songs / lieder. At first I was a teacher (piano, singing, theory) at, and from 1992 the headmaster of Vejle Kommunes Musikskole (the music-school of Vejle). On the 1st of January 2007 the local authorities of Egtved, Jelling, Give, Børkop and Vejle Kommune merge into one administration, and so do the music schools. I have been proposed for the post as headmaster for this music school to come.

In between I found the time to be a member of the board of Danish Music Teachers' Organization (1983 - 1987). Member of the parochial church council of St. John's Church in Vejle (1980 - 1992), from 1998  - 2004 I have been a member of the board of St. Norbert's School, Vejle and from 2002 - 2005 I was a member of the board of Rosborg Amtsgymnasium. This last membership gave me an opportunity to pay back a little to that same school, which gave me so much during the mid-seventies. As  mentioned, I maintain a small career as a singer, and when that happens, it is often my very close friend the highly skilled and competent pianist and composer Willy Stolarczyk, who plays the piano. I also compose a little, and when that happens another of our close friends is normally the author, dean Leif Arffmann. In recent years I have also been working together with the vicar of St Nicolai's Church, Karsten Pedersen in such projects. Maria and I spend the time on concerts, books, our summer-residence and a big circle of acquaintances.

A very important part of our lives is the house in which we live. A house with a soul, which can be felt - and from time to time also heard. This is where we build up for all the things in the busy all-day life. Close related to this are our opposite neighbours  - the Steen-Family in Villa Acon.

Cecilie Meng Sørensen: born on the 25th of August 1986. Graduated from St. Norbert's School  in the summer of 2002 and from Rosborg Amtsgymnasium in Vejle in 2005. She has put down her music school activities and has moved to Aarhus, where she is studying media-science.

Furthermore she maintains a rather big social circle of her old friends from Rosborg, who socialize quite frequently in spite of the fact that they now live in Aalborg, Aarhus, Vejle and Copenhagen. She still reads a lot. Prefereably the American writer Brett Easton Ellis. 

Christoffer Meng Sørensen: born on the 15th of November 1989. Graduated from St. Norbert's School, Vejle in the summer of 2005, and is now a pupil at 3. e at Rosborg Amtsgymnasium on  a line with emphasis on English, musicology and mass-media. He plays the saxophone and piano, and is in charge of a growing collection of synthesizeris.

We have the pleasure of seeing quite a lot of his band "colleagues" here in our home, and from his new class he has brought Jannie into our family's inner circle.


Wolfgang - alias Zeelandgaard's Atlas: born on 25th of May 2007. Among his 6 brothers and sisters, Wolfgang chose us to be his future "parents", when we payed a visit to Kennel Zeelandgaard on July the 11th. 10 days later he moved into our house and became part of our family. Wolfgang is named after especially two composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791) - wtih whom he shares his initials Wolfgang Atlas Meng Sørensen - and Erich Wolfgang Korngold (1897 - 1957). You can read about both composers elsewhere on this HP. This name  makes some demands on the cultural upbringing of Wolfgang. While being alone sometimes during the mornings he is listening to the German radio station "NDR-Kultur". Apparently he enjoys it.



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